Choosing the Most Efficient Kitchen Lighting Solution LED Versus CFL

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Not a lot of people go to great lengths to plan the type of lighting installation they will be mounting in their kitchens. When it comes to picking the best lighting solution for a space many do not stop to think that it is just as important to install proper lighting in their kitchens. A lot of the time all the good lighting is reserved for areas that tend to be occupied mostly by guests or visitors. Thankfully more and more people are slowly realizing that it is just as essential to a lot time in considering which lighting fixtures will work optimally in their kitchen and preparation area.

The Weigh In
The most confusion people have is deciding between the installations of fluorescent light versus LED kitchen lighting. The reason behind this confusion lies mainly on the fact that these two fittings have been used in many homes for years. Additionally both are considered at the top of their game when it comes to providing the most efficient lighting solution. Each one however has its own qualities that any homeowner must weigh on before making a purchase.

CFL Kitchen Lighting
Fluorescent lighting is not a new innovation; it has in fact been used in many areas for years now. When it comes to efficiency the most popular of the fluorescent bulb family are the fluorescent tubes. On the other hand the high costs of installing these fittings have made people turn to the cheaper alternative of incandescent bulbs which are unfortunately an energy guzzler. In the recent years however newer types of fluorescent lighting known a compact fluorescent light or simply CFL has been made available in the market.

These fittings are designed to work easily with pre-existing fixtures that housed incandescent bulbs. Unlike its ancestor the new innovations are comparatively more efficient thus they were sold as a greener alternative. The biggest concern with CFL's would be their mercury content. This entails that the product require careful handling during installation and even when being disposed as it's easy to run the risk of mercury poisoning.

LED Fixtures
The newest addition to lighting solutions are LED light fixtures. Their credentials boast highly of their amazing efficiency. There are still however queries regarding their reliability since the technology used for it is still a work in progress. The beauty in LED lights aside from some of the units developed to fit current fluorescent lighting fixtures with the difference that LED uses minimal energy. Of course it cannot dispute the fact that although it is a bit more costly than other lighting alternative there are however many varieties of LED fixtures to choose from. Not only does it come in more shapes and sizes, consumers are mainly drawn to the wide selection of colors to choose from.

One cannot argue that the fluorescent light technology offers a more stable option since it has had a longer run and many of its kinks have already been ironed out. However between the two types, kitchen LED downlights win the battle of efficiency and effectiveness. The choice is decided for the simple reason that LED lighting affords consumers a better safety feature as well as a more reliability. Unlike other types, this fitting does not contain any toxins that can be potentially lethal as is the case with mercury poisoning.

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